#respecttheyouth - Aaron Hopkins

The biggest thing is actually taking that first step...the only way you’ll really know if you can accomplish something is if you step forward and try.

By the time you read this Aaron will have already added India to his list of international travels. While the rest of America’s college kids were busy with their summer jobs, he dedicated his summer to volunteering at hospitals in Honduras, India, and Atlanta, GA. 

During his childhood years, one of Aaron's friends was hit by a car and underwent a surgery that allowed him to walk again. From then on Aaron was intrigued by medicine’s power to save lives.

While volunteering in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Aaron helped set up mobile medical clinics for residents throughout the surrounding area. In Palapur, India, he visited different clinics and hospitals to observe how they delivered their healthcare, and the overall treatment of their patients. 

As if he wasn’t doing enough internationally, Aaron has also been contributing a tremendous amount to his community in Atlanta, GA. He is the co-founder, and served as the Vice President, of the organization Do Better – a service and self-improvement organization that orchestrates food runs, bagged-lunched programs, a mentoring program and more throughout the Atlanta area.

Knowing all of his accomplishments, it is hard to believe that Aaron is still a student at Morehouse College working towards his bachelor’s degree. He maintains a 3.2 GPA and when he graduates, Aaron hopes to combine his aspirations for serving his community and his interest in medicine by continuing his work in the medical field.